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1. Binary Distribution

The following files are provided in the binary distribution:


This file.


The GNU uncompress utility.


The XFree86 specific documentation.


The Mono server


The 16 colour VGA server


The Super VGA server


The S3 server


The 8514 server


The AGX server


The Mach 32 server


The Mach 64 server


The Mach 8 server


The P9000 server


The ET4000/W32 server


The local configuration files for xdm/fs/xinit.


The bin directory, contains most executables.


The shared and unshared libraries.


75dpi and misc fonts.


100dpi and Speedo fonts.


The X11 include files.


The formatted man pages.


The server link kit (all drivers + PEX).


Lots of PD utilities provided as is.


All files relating to PEX including libraries and header files. The LinkKit is required to obtain servers capable of running PEX.

To obtain a minimum XFree86 installation you will require the archives marked with a `*' above, the server binary best suited to your machine and optionally "gunzip.Z". All the files are compressed with "gzip" except of course "gunzip.Z" which is compressed using the conventional compress program.

To install the XFree86 binaries just follow these steps.

  1. Obtain the files you require.

    The rest of this procedure must be done as root. If you do not run the extraction as root the permissions on the files will not be correct. For example, the `X' server is s-bit root and will not function correctly if extracted as an ordinary user.

  2. create a directory /usr/X11R6, permissions 755 should do nicely.
  3. cd /usr/X11R6
  4. extract the archives, for example:
                gunzip < X312bin.tgz | tar xvpf -
  5. if you have installed man pages see the later section on setting up man pages.
  6. Look through /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc/INSTALL, especially section 2 on configuring and using XFree86. This should allow you to get a server up and running. Before starting the server check in the later section Before Running XFree86, in this document, to see if there are any system requirements you have to make for the server to operate correctly.

Information for SCO Users : Binary Distribution
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