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Are you tax-exempt approved?

Yes. The U.S.A. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved our U.S. Federal tax exempt status, and has given us public charity status, effective 7 March 2003.

Why should I give? Don't you have sponsors?

In a nutshell, No. Unlike other open source groups, XFree86 has no vendor sponsorships, no corporate godfathers, or any other corporate overseer, which might invite coporate control of XFree86 and so X11.

We have since our inception, in 1992, always been a totally independent band of volunteer developers.

How this effects you and your money, is that when you give to XFree86, you are not only ensuring that XFree86 continues to bring you and everyone else, the very best in X11 open-source desktop software, a pledge we make in our bylaws.

I really like this, so, how do I donate?

How much should I donate?

We ask that your donation be a minimum of $1.00 (a dollar) USD but we can accept any amount you or your company feels comfortable with, so there is neither a suggested nor a maximum amount. Be aware though that that amounts given over $5,000.00 USD have special US IRS filing requirements.

What are the IRS rules on donations?

They are published on the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's website in publication #526. The gist of this lengthy manual is that basically any and all money given to an "approved" charity is tax-exempt. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice regarding the deductibility of specific large contributions.

I am not an United States resident. Can I still get a tax-exemption?

This is something that you would need to check with your local taxing authorities in many cases the US has tax treaties that may apply.


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