[forum] Another teleconference partial edited transcript

Mike A. Harris forum@XFree86.Org
Sun, 13 Apr 2003 06:08:21 -0400 (EDT)

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

>>>>If so, I hope they please speak up and let everyone know they're
>>>>here so that their voices can be heard and represented.  David,
>>>X.Org is not represented. I do not know if any members have been 
>>>individually invited. I wasn't.
>> I didn't realize X.org was still involved in the development of
>> the X Window System.
>As has been discussed here previously, X.org is slow moving, but
>still actively working on a number of enhancements to X.  You can
>see a selection of these at http://www.x.org/X11_technologies.html

Ah.  I've seen a few things mentioned there in the past, but I
assumed X.org unofficially folded a while back as there didn't
seem to be any visible signs of life.  ;o)

>>  Perhaps X.org was just overlooked based on
>> incorrect assumptions.  Hard to say with certainty though as I'm
>> a participant rather than a confcall organizer.  I wouldn't even 
>> know whom to contact at X.org, but perhaps someone else does.
>Steve Swales would probably be a good choice as the X.org chairman
>and the person who posted the official X.org statement to the forum
>mailing list a couple of weeks ago.  I suggested Keith contact him
>back at the end of February when Keith first talked to me about his
>concerns with the XFree86 organization.  (And of course, since his
>office is just down the hall from mine, I've had lots of talks with
>him about this matter.)

Ok, good to hear.  I must admit I don't really know anyone
involved with X.org at all as I've never seen anyone from X.org
visibly in the community anywhere before, or at least not with
X.org addresses.  ;o)  I chatted briefly with someone at LWE a
couple of years ago whom wanted to further discuss some things
with me at a later date and said they'd contact me, but I don't
recall who it was and they never ended up contacting me after 
that and I forgot about it.

It's too bad X.org never really had much public visibility and
surrounding community around it through the years as it would
probably be good for more people currently interested in X
development to have gotten to know more of those who have come
before them.  ;o/

Hopefully we can see closer collaboration and discussion between 
the old and the new for the future.

>> Alan Coopersmith and Bill Haneman were invited to the first
>> confcall but nobody has heard back from them.
>While Bill & I both work for an X.org member company (as do Keith
>Packard & Jim Gettys for that matter), neither of us are heavily
>involved in X.org.  (I'm officially part of a couple of long-defunct
>task forces, and attended the in-person meetings a couple of years
>ago when Sun hosted them in Palo Alto, but that's it.)

Are you still involved with X development?  Just curious as to 
what projects others are working on/with.

>I admit not responding to Keith's invitation - just after receiving
>it the forum mailing list announcement was sent out and I assumed it
>would be handling the discussion he was intending to have.

Ah.  I just remembered seeing mention of your names somewhere and 
there seemed to be an X.org connection of some kind.  ;o)

Thanks for the info Alan.

Take care,

Mike A. Harris