[forum] Discussing issues

Havoc Pennington forum@XFree86.Org
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:44:29 -0400


The question I think, rather than how many CVS servers there are, is
whether we have a single path to making decisions.

If you look at the X.org proposal with its two paths, this is the same

For a concrete example, take the STSF/fontconfig thing.  STSF
developers felt like they were going down the right path to being part
of X and solving the problem. fontconfig developers felt same.

So we have the problem that it isn't clear up front what the path to
becoming part of X is.

But even once we resolve that, we have the problem that we could have
multiple technologies arriving via the same path, and need to sort
them out.

A goal of a working X organization should be to have an answer to
questions of this nature. In short: how will we make decisions?

When can I know that something is part of X, and who decides, by what

Multiple CVS trees and branches can be fine, as long as you have a
clear answer to this question.