[forum] Suggestion for XFree86

Alan Cox forum@XFree86.Org
Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:34:25 -0500 (EST)

> depends on XFree86's continued success.  David Dawes has turned to that
> constituency to assist him in resolving this situation.  Both of these

After kicking Keith out. Bad mistake but whats done is done.

> The ONLY thing XFree86 needs to do to correct this problem is to establish a
> mechanism where any interested person may join XFree86 and be given an equal
> vote to elect a slate of candidates for a governing board of directors whose

This isnt about voting, governance and dictatorship IMHO, its about
change. XFree86 is hard to get involved with usefully, resistant to cool
ideas and strongly wedded to an occasional not rolling regular release

Some of that is historic - both from the X consortium and the original XFree
membership setup. Some of it has made sense at times too.

X has to evolve, X has to do cool stuff, X has to let people break stuff,
X has to delegate trust to driver maintainers far more. To me it doesn't
matter if Keith and friends spin off an "Xperimental" or XFree itself
changes, but that change is vital to the future of X11.

If the XFree BOD doesn't want to be the evolving at high rate and really
believes the current plodding progress is the right path, don't harass Keith
work with him, endorse an Xperimental project and see what it produces.
If it works the community wins, if it fails you get both to smirk, and
to take the good bits and the lessons it learned.

As a driver maintainer X is a painful project, not because of the code
(the Xaa driver abstraction is something to hold up to people in software
engineering courses as an example) but because of the project structure
and lack of delegation.