[forum] Re: Fabricated responses

Alexander Terekhov forum@xfree86.org
Wed, 07 Apr 2004 10:57:12 +0200

mark kandianis wrote:
> >And what and when did you send to me personally (i.e. privately)?
> you know man i don't like getting into pissing contests with people.

You've never sent me anything personally (in private).

> it's bad karma.  let's just say you made a mistake and won't do it again.

I've made no mistake. And, BTW, that conversation was between RMS 
and Jean-Marc Lienher, not me.


> I don't believe Microsoft SHOULD have a right to prevent me from
> distributing an application that calls some internal functions in one
> of Excel's DLL files, period. Why is it a "Good Thing" if GPL authors
> are allowed to restrict me in this way?

Don't ask this kind of question to RMS, or he will drop 
the conversation.

I had discussion on this subjet on 4 newsgroups and I had a
private discussion with RMS.

Now I wrote my own opinion here :

The simple thing is that the FSF's "linking" claims (both static 
and dynamic) are barred by the doctrines of copyright misuse and 
first sale.