Getting Help with XFree86®

The following four (4) steps are the best way to solve your problems with your XFree86 installation.

1. Check the Documentation

Documentation for the latest XFree86 release is available here, while documentation for previous releases can be found there.

If you have specific questions concerning installation and configuration issues, a question something like whether: A certain video chip is supported on a certain box with a certain monitor and if so... Check our Resources page.

2. Search for Information

Search either the XFree86 web site, or the XFree86 bug database to see if someone else has already reported the particular trouble that you are having. This is a good idea as this is a rather large community-based Project, and often someone has already reported, submitted and perhaps even resolved (either by answering or committing a patch to the cvs) your issue.

3. Ask for Information

If these steps have failed, then the XFree86 is the best place to ask about problems you are having. This mailing list is open to the whole XFree86 community by subscription.

If the problem is with the XFree86 X server itself, it is a good idea to include with your message to XFree86 the following:

Other pertinent information that you should include with your report:

  1. The version of XFree86 you are using.
  2. The Operating System and its version number.
  3. The video hardware that you are using.

and finally, a clear description, as you see it, of the problem you are having.

4. Report a Bug

Use the Bug-man method, if you prefer to just submit your bug, (we still need the same information mentioned above though) and want to track its progress or if you have already posted to XFree86 and there was no ready answer.

In this latter case, posting your issue with the Bug-Man is a good way for the problem not to be forgotten. It's also a good idea to mention when and where you first brought it up so someone can trace through it's history and start researching your concern; sometimes there was an answer but you missed it. That can happen because of the volume of mail that occurs on our listsi so mentioning the original message is a good way for us to see what, if anything, happened.

Always though, no matter the outcome, re-test your bug and see if either our response or future snapshots have addressed it. Because this is a volunteer project we have limited resources to address every issue individually. Sorry about that.

So in recap, try the mailing list first, and if that does not work then log it to the Bug-Man so you will not lose your request. When, sometimes unfortunately if, satisfaction has been made, close your bug-log and if you can send us some thanks too, that goes a long way and we appreciate it.


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Last Modified: 17 July 2006