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XtGetSelectionParameters - retrieve target parameters for a selection request with a single target


void XtGetSelectionParameters(Widget owner, Atom selection,
XtRequestId request_id, Atom *type_return, XtPointer *value_return, unsigned long *length_return, int *format_return);


Specifies the widget that owns the specified selection.

Specifies the selection being processed.

Specifies the requestor id in the case of incremental selections, or NULL in the case of atomic transfers.

Specifies a pointer to an atom in which the property type of the parameters will be stored.

Specifies a pointer into which a pointer to the parameters are to be stored. A NULL will be stored if no parameters accompany the request.

Specifies a pointer into which the number of data elements in value_return of size indicated by format_return will be stored.

Specifies a pointer into which the size in bits of the parameter data in the elements of value_return will be stored.


XtGetSelectionParameters may only be called from within an XtConvertSelectionProc or from within the last call to an XtConvertSelectionIncrProc with a new request_id.

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Table of Contents