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XFree86-specific Resources

This page is a clearinghouse for X11 and its related technologies. It has all of the XFree86 release documentation, various contributor pages, and a list of the most popular windowing managers and desktops. If that is not enough, we offer a search facility for combing through all of it in search of your particular query.

If you came to this page because of a specific problem with your Xserver we recommend the following for self-help trouble-shooting: our HELp! page, which explains the whole process.

And finally, Do you know of any sites not listed here, that you think should? Tell us.

Release-related XFree86 documentation

This is the heart of X11/XFree86 documentation and has an incomparable amount of information on our software. All of the following resources were correct when published. It is possible that changes (maintenance fixes, upgrades, and enhancements) to the source have made this documentation either out of date or incomplete, so it is always suggested to read the source code, written in C, or ask questions on our lists for specific questions.

Current Release Documentation

Previous Release Documentation

Contributor-supplied XFree86 documentation

The following has been supplied by individual XFree86 developers concerning their work specific to XFree86 and can be found in the CVS. Items that are highlighted, are new relative to the last release.

These pages are maintained solely by their author.

This group deals with testing of the base protocol only.

XFree86-related documentation

This list has those who have indirectly contributed to the use of the X11 protocol and so XFree86, either by documentation or builds work. They are also maintained solely by their author(s).

XFree86-related window managers

Window-managers are software that runs on-top of XFree86 and allows you to transform the look and feel of your desktop. There are literally hundreds available; we are highlighting some of the more interesting.

and of course our own non-nonsense default TWM.

XFree86-related desktops

Desktops are software that run on-top of XFree86 and create a whole windowing environment, along with giving you many other tools and applications for you to use.

Searching XFree86

A common request is searching the XFree86 documentation and website. You can also use this facility to search sites we link to but are non-search enabled. A help page will soon be set up to show you how.

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